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Recall Target State Sen. Josh Newman Says He’s ‘Not a Politician, Not a Lefty, a Centrist’ Oct. 20, 2017Voice of OC Recall target Josh Newman of Fullerton says he’s “probably the least ideological Democrat in the state Senate” and dismisses as “hyperbole” attempts to portray him as a “crazy lefty” who is out of step with his traditionally Republican-leaning district.
More than half the states are raising taxes to fix roads, like California. Guess how many are blue. Oct. 17, 2017The Sacramento Bee The reality is this: States are acting because the federal government has not touched the federal gas tax in nearly 25 years. The federal Highway Trust Fund is nearly insolvent, estimated to be $20 billion in the hole by 2020. In the meantime, roads, bridges, and transit systems around the country are aging, falling into poor condition and increasingly falling short of modern design standards. While Washington sleeps, California has joined 25 other states to act.
Lawsuit alleges fraud by California GOP in recall campaign against state Sen. Josh Newman Oct. 10, 2017L.A. Times The lawsuit alleges that Newman’s opponents could not beat him in the election so they 'concocted a scheme to deceive thousands of voters to sign their recall petition — misrepresenting the very nature of their petition as a petition to repeal a so-called gas tax.
An Interview With Senator Josh Newman Aug. 17, 2017Fullerton Observer I became very interested in the question of why so many young veterans were coming home from these two wars that had been going on for far too long, who were having so much trouble finding career-oriented work… Before I ran for office, I'd go to an event, or somebody would come to my event, like an elected official — they’d come and have their picture taken and then they’d leave. I could never pin them down on the real conversation, which is how to solve this problem.
This is what happens when a 'great guy' goes into politics June 15, 2017The Sacramento Bee "There's not much reason to hate Sen. Newman, either, and it's not particularly funny... He cast a vote because he thought it was the right thing to do. That ought to be what we want legislators to do."
Petition is bait-and-switch that won't repeal gas tax June 9, 2017The Orange County Register "Sen. Newman's vote to invest in California's infrastructure, economy and roadway safety is not against the law. In fact, Sen. Newman took the lead negotiating protections to ensure that these funds can't be misused by future politicians."
The "Gas Tax": Cost and Benefits June 9, 2017Fullerton Observer For the past few months, local residents have been accosted by signature-gatherers outside grocery stores, urging voters to sign a petition which the gatherers claim is to repeal the “gas tax.” This is not, in fact, the case. The petition is recall local state senator Josh Newman, who voted for the “gas tax”.
Op-Ed The Josh Newman recall effort is all about retaliation June 7, 2017L.A. Times Newman did vote for the transportation package, but he was hardly “the deciding factor,” as one Republican-funded ad claims.
Republicans are mad about the California gas tax, and they're taking it out on this freshman lawmaker June 1, 2017L.A. Times "State Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) was exercising his delegated constitutional power when he voted for -- horrors -- a gas tax increase to pay for fixing California's sorry roads... No one is accusing Newman of being the slightest bit corrupt. And he's clearly not a party traitor."
Recall Effort: A Wasteful Game May 30, 2017Fullerton Observer There's a big difference between politics and public service. I ran to serve you and your family in Sacramento, and that’s exactly what I'm doing, every single day.
Recall Misleading May 27, 2017Champion Newspaper The recall to remove freshman Senator Josh Newman (D-29) from office has little to do with the new gas tax and much more to do with political divisiveness and an attempt to return our local senate district leadership Republican.
Recall petition drummed up by partisan outsiders May 26, 2017The Orange County Register "Josh is a refreshing break from politics as usual, and that's why out-of-town interests have put a target on his back -- and are driving a wasteful recall petition to undermine the vote we took in November."

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