veterans-looking-over-huge-flag-at-flagThrough my work through Armed Force2Workforce, the organization he started to assist returning vets in their pursuit of post-service civilian employment, I’ve spent the past three years throughout the community to find better approaches and build better programs to that match California’s returning veterans to California employers who can benefit from their talents, discipline, and commitment.

As a State Senator, I pledge to bring this dedication to veterans’ needs to Sacramento, while providing leadership and energy in the California legislature on behalf of our veterans.

Over the past three years, I’ve learned a great deal about what needs to happen if we as a state are ggoing to truly make good on our obligation to the young men and women who have so ably served their country during this past decade and half of global conflict.  As I’ve noted in other parts of this site, there’s obviously a lot that needs to be done, particularly at the state level.  During that time I’ve also been privileged to have been able to work with some truly amazing people, both recently returned vets and veteran community leaders who share my values.  Here are few words from a few of them on my work:

Kevin Traw, US Air Force Veteran and Executive


“I first met Josh as I was transitioning from the United States Air Force after 20 years of service into retirement. Part of the transition was looking for a job where I felt I could make a difference and leverage my 20 years of service.   Josh and his organization, Armedforce2workforce, helped me greatly in my search for a meaningful opportunity. He spent countless hours reviewing my resume, helping me expand my network and providing overall sound advice. This led to employment in a Fortune Six company in January of 2014, just seven days prior to my retirement date. I am now an executive at the same company. Josh’s assistance has extended beyond myself at this company, as I have now had the opportunity to find additional opportunities leading to eleven veterans being hired as a direct result of our work.”

Ben Bischer, US Marine Corps Veteran and Student


“I first met Josh Newman through a program that he partnered with at Irvine Valley College. Josh spoke to a group of us veterans about the importance of the leadership skills that we had attained during our time in the military and also how vital education is to our success. Josh was incredibly helpful throughout my transition, and continues to stay involved with not only myself but also the other Veterans in his program. He has set me on a course for success, for which I owe him a debt of gratitude.”

Murray Schrantz, US Army Veteran and Veteran Employment Specialist


“Since working with Josh Newman, I’ve witnessed a sea change in veteran employment opportunities in Orange County directly due to the impact he’s made. As a veteran himself, Josh understands the many challenges veterans face when leaving the military. His drive and leadership have made significant strides in veteran hiring practices with Orange County employers through engagement and collaboration with business leaders. Josh provides needed leadership and support individually and through veteran organizations to reduce veteran unemployment and has been an integral part of veteran transition success in Orange County.”

Frank Fletcher, US Marine Corp Veteran, Vet Employment Representative


“Josh is always one of the primary strategists and motivators when we put things together; he is always present at the table. There are very few people in this industry that have such character which would cause me to get on any project with them simply because of their involvement, but Josh is different. He has the integrity to make any project successful. Few non-profit partners have done their work better than Josh.”