Here’s a little bit of what you and your family will be getting with a vote for Josh Newman for State Senate:

“Has pledged not to accept any money from oil companies or cigarette makers.”

“Supports common sense gun control measures to keep our schools and families safe.”

“Will defend the goals of Proposition 13 while working to rationalize California’s revenues”

“Will fight for working families and their fair a share of the American Dream”

“Committed to improving education and fully funding neighborhood schools”

“Working to ensure that veterans receive both proper recognition and support following their return from service”

“Committed to improving schools to ensure Californians can compete and win in the 21st century economy”

“Committed to investing in California’s infrastructure and addressing the neglect of our roads, water, and transportation systems”

“Will fight to streamline requirements and regulations to foster business creation and generate economic growth”

“Will fight to bring transparency and accountability to California state government”

“His values are your values.  You deserve a real voice and a true advocate in Sacramento”