Remembering What Matters

See this little kid?  That’s our daughter, Cecily.  She joined our family just a week before the Primary in June, maybe not the most ideal timing for having a baby, but as a friend pointed out, you gratefully take your blessings when they find you.  And we could not be more grateful, or more blessed.

This campaign, my first run for statewide elective office, has been an intense experience, to put it mildly.  When I started my campaign last Fall, I was the third entry in the primary field, with nothing like the endorsements or donor base of the other two candidates, widely dismissed as “the Other Democrat” by political insiders and observers.  But as I plugged along, my very simple message has clearly resonated, that we all deserve better, more responsive, more principled representation in Sacramento, by actual public servants, not professional politicians.

Along the way, I’ve had the good fortune to have a met a huge number of wonderful people, from all over the district, and from all walks of life, who share and respond to my core values: decency, thoughtfulness, integrity, and service.  During that same interval, I’ve gotten a crash course in how California politics works these days—between my opponent and the special interests she would serve—that has only served to reaffirm my commitment to bringing access, honesty, and transparency to politics.  It hasn’t always been pleasant, but I have no doubt whatsoever that it’s absolutely worth it.

And every day, during this little adventure, one way or another, I’ve been reminded by Cecily what this is really about: our shared obligation to build and preserve a California for our children that is consistent with the best of American values and in keeping with the California dream: great schools, affordable housing, clean water and air, good jobs, a state where every Californian has an equal opportunity to realize their dreams through hard work and good citizenship.

That’s why I’m running.  I could not be more grateful for your consideration and your support.

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