If you’re a voter in California’s 29th Senate District, this whole recall thing should make you as mad as it makes me.  We had an election, last November.  More than 315,000 voters in this district went to the polls, and those voters spoke: a majority of them wanted someone representing them in Sacramento who would work hard for them, give them straight answers, and make the tough decisions when the need arose.  Since taking my place proudly representing ALL of the nearly 1 million citizens of our district, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.   As you are probably aware by now, the California Republican Party, led by a couple of right-wing talk radio blowhards and a narcissistic, failed political granstander from San Diego, and supported by out-of-town money from all over the state, are trying to instigate a special recall election under false pretenses, all in the effort to find a way to take “their” seat back.  As it happens, I’m the first non-Republican to hold this Senate Seat in our lifetimes.  But that doesn’t make it their seat.  It doesn’t even make it mine.  This is your seat.  Our seat.  And I would submit to you that I, as the reasonable, pragmatic, and principled person I am, who came to this not as a career politician but as a public servant, am not only a good and worthy representative of the diverse population of the steadily evolving 29th Senate District, I’m also a hundred times better than any of the party hacks they’re going to try to foist on you if their bogus recall effort succeeds.  Don’t let that happen.  Don’t sign the misleading recall petitions.  Support the effort to protect the democratic process and prevent the unnecessary waste of nearly $3 million in your taxpayer dollars that a recall election will cost us.  You deserve better than this.  Way better.  Thanks for your idealism and for your support.