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SD 29 Voters Demand Right to Remove their Signatures from Deceitful Recall Petition

SD 29 Voters Demand Right to Remove their Signatures from Deceitful Recall Petition

Santa Ana, CA - Dozens of voters in Senate District 29 gathered together today at Fullerton City Hall to demand the right to remove their signatures from a recall petition, after they learned they’d been lied to about the content and purpose of the recall. They said the Legislature must step in to reform the recall process.

Now that the Secretary of State told the Registrars of Voters that signatures can be certified immediately, SD 29 voters are demanding the California Legislature pass a new law to allow them sufficient time to remove their name from the petition.

“We can’t let the proponents undermine our voice by not giving SD 29 voters enough time to take their names off the petition which they blatantly lied to us to get enough signatures,” said Nettie Bryan, a voter from the district who attended the rally. “The legislature must pass reforms to the recall process to ensure voters have the opportunity to get the facts and the time to have their name removed if they were lied to.”

Thousands of voters in the district report having been tricked into signing the recall petition with proponents’ false claims that their signature would halt a car and gas tax and have asked the Registrars of Voters in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties to remove their signatures from the misleading petition once they found out the truth.

Posted on August 18, 2017 in Press Releases.

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